Buying a new car is almost every working professional’s dream. Still, it is impossible to purchase a new vehicle whenever possible in this modern day and age. The simple reason behind that is budget. That is where the demand for pre-owned cars rises. But what if we tell you several other benefits you can get by purchasing a used car? Used car dealers possess a wide range of automobiles. You can choose from vehicles like SUVs, cars, and also trucks. Following are the advantages you will get from a pre-owned vehicle from used car dealers in Athens, GA. 

Top Benefits That You Will Get By Owning a Used Car in Athens

Car makers launch new models of cars every year, but some people still prefer used vehicles over brand-new ones. Most first-time drivers prefer used cars, and you can get one at a pocket-friendly rate. Now without wasting any further time, let’s look at the advantages one can get from buying a pre-owned car.

  • Cheaper than New Car: There will be a considerable price difference between the price of a car at the time of the launch and after one year. In most cases, the price of a used car gets reduced by 20% every year. So, buying a year-old vehicle at a much more pocket-friendly rate is better. 
  • Getting a Better Variant: While purchasing a new car, you might have to face the situation where there will be a price difference between two variants of the exact vehicle. This thing does not happen with used cars. Almost all the variants of a car model are available almost at the same rate. 
  • Lower Loan Amount: This is probably “the” reason why people choose used cars over brand-new cars. It is not easy to arrange the whole amount at the time of purchase, and that is when one decides to take a loan. As you are getting your choice of vehicle at a lower price, you can apply for a lesser loan amount which indicates less money as interest. 
  • Need to Pay Less Money as Insurance Premiums: Whenever you buy a car, whether a new one or a pre-owned one, you need to get your Car insured. The money one needs to pay as an insurance premium for an old used car is less than what a person needs to pay for a new car. This difference in insurance premiums happens because the previous Car owner had already paid the bulk of the money as early premiums. After the purchase from any of the used car dealers in Athens, GA, needs to pay only lesser premiums due to the decrease in the vehicle’s insured declared value (IDV).
  • Warranty on Vehicle Repairing: Sometimes, the used Car is still under the original warranty period of the manufacturers. Moreover, buy one from an authorized dealer. You will get a warranty on repairing upon the initial warranty period offered by the manufacturer. 

Disadvantages of Owning a Used Car

Along with the advantages you can gain from purchasing a used car, you also need to deal with some disadvantages that used cars offer. 

  • You Have to Adjust: When you purchase a new car, you can choose everything from the model, color, and features. That luxury will not be there while buying a used car. If you notice any problem with the Car, you have to deal with it.
  • Less Warranty: In case of any discrepancy, you will not have the warranty to back you up. Irrespective of the problem, you have to deal with it on your own. Though some used car dealers offer a guarantee, that warranty period is significantly less. 
  • Less Fuel Efficient: With technological advancement, new car models have become more fuel efficient than their earlier counterparts. When you purchase a used car, you will not get more than 20 to 25 mpg fuel efficiency. In contrast, a new car model can offer fuel efficiency somewhere between 35 to 40 mpg. 
  • Have to Deal With Old Technology: Old car models come with earlier technologies. For example, we can take the music system in a car which has evolved over the years from CD players to the Bluetooth-connected music system in today’s cars. So, when you are choosing to buy a used car, you might be getting these old technologies in your Car like CD players, no sunroof, only one driving mode, and a bunch of others. 
  • High Maintenance: As the owner of a vehicle, you need to get your automobile checked from time to time. When you purchase a brand-new car, you will get maintenance packages, but we can’t say the same about used vehicles. With used cars, you must pay all the money from your pocket if the vehicle requires any maintenance. 

Things That You Should Do While Purchasing a Used Car in Athens

Things That You Should Do While Purchasing a Used Car in Athens


You should always invest smartly, and you need to be careful when purchasing a vehicle, whether old or new. While investing in a used car, you can’t afford any costly mistakes. Things that you should avoid while purchasing a used car are as follows. 

  • Fix Your Budget: You must fix your budget first, regardless of where you purchase the vehicle. A fixed budget will help a lot during the negotiation period. Different lenders will lend you money at different interest rates if you have to take a loan. Before starting a conversation with the car owner or the dealer, ensure that you have the loan approved. Most importantly, you need to keep one thing in mind: the financing rates of a used car will always be lesser than a new car.
  • Always Go for a Test Drive: Statistics show that approximately 18% of used car buyers from used car dealers in Athens, GA, don’t go for a test drive at the time of purchase. We suggest you go for a test drive to know the Car’s condition well before finalizing the deal. 
  • Get the Car Checked: You might not be an expert, and there are high chances that you will not understand if there will be any problem with the Car. So, it is better to get your Car examined by a mechanic. Usually, car dealers check the Car by a mechanic before selling it to you. The same thing is not applicable when you buy it via an application or a private seller.   
  • Negotiate Over Phone and Email: Negotiation is an integral part of purchasing. Before talking to the private seller or the dealer, do your research and compare all the deals in hand. Do your initial negotiations over the phone and email this will help you to get an edge in cracking the deal.
  • Check the History of the Vehicle: Getting the Car checked by a mechanic or going for a test drive is not enough. You need to check the vehicle history. By checking the used vehicle’s history, you will know how many people have purchased the Car previously. Moreover, you will also come to know about any prior accidents or significant problems with that particular vehicle.

Top 10 Used Car Dealers in Athens, GA 

Now, if you have decided to purchase pre-owned cars here, we are presenting a list of the top 15 used car dealers in Athens, GA. 

  1. McClary Ford Inc
  2. Rocket City Motors
  3. Chambers Auto Finance
  4. Rocket City Car Brokers LLC
  5. Whites Auto Sales
  6. K & R Auto Sales
  7. Classic Motorsports
  8. M & M Used Cars
  9. Ken Bates Auto Sales
  10. Harvest Wholesale, Inc.
  11. D&J Motors
  12. Elliott Motors,LLC
  13. Fastlane Motor Sales
  14. Valley Motors
  15. Divine Auto Sales

All these car dealers deal in used cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can get a pre-owned vehicle at a pocket-friendly price here in Athens, GA. The staff of these automobile dealers is highly knowledgeable. They have years of experience, and they will be able to guide you throughout your buying journey. Most used car dealers we have mentioned here in the list accept all credit cards for payments. So you need not purchase your used vehicle without worrying about the mode of payment. 

Best Pre-Owned Vehicles to Purchase in 2022

Now that you know almost everything about used cars, it is time to let you know about some of the best models of vehicles you can purchase in 2022. If you plan to get a car from the used car dealers in Athens, GA, here is the list:


1) 2019 Toyota Sequoia SR5

2) 2019 Volvo XC90 Momentum


3) 2020 Chevrolet Traverse LT Cloth

4) 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Select


5) 2019 Buick Envision Essence 

Final Words

Some people out there want to purchase new vehicles only. Still, many people always prefer pre-owned vehicles for the reasons mentioned earlier. You can be a part of that community now. Maybe it is a pre-owned vehicle or used Car, but for you, it might be the Car of your dreams. All your plans can now come true with the purchase of the vehicle. So, irrespective of where you belong, you should check out the collection of pre-owned vehicles and used car dealers in Athens, GA. Contact any one of the car dealers from the list mentioned earlier to get your hands on your dream vehicle. Also, visit again for more informative articles.